Why Us and not someone else?

We do not have other jobs. Skydiving is what we are very good at. We Specialize in Tandem Skydiving and Accelerated Freefall! You will not jump with someone who has less than 3 000 skydives under his belt!

You will not find a better safety record in the country! We use well maintained gear and have not had any incidents in over 4000 Tandem Jumps. We boast one of only two Turbine Aircraft used in Skydiving in the country.

We offer the highest jump altitude (11 000ft) and the longest freefall (40 seconds) in the country! Our vastly experienced Freefall Camera crew has all been involved in filming National Skydiving Teams over the past years. THEY GET THE SHOT EVERY TIME!

Ralph Ridge

Age: He won’t tell us

Time in Sport: 25 Years

Total Jumps: 8 500+

Occupation: Skydiver

Liz Cooper


Time in Sport: 7 years

Total Jumps: 1 200+

Occupation: Skydiver

Rob Kruger.

Age: 36

Time in Sport: 14 Years

Total Jumps: 7 500+

Occupation: Skydiver

Corne Voster

Age: 26

Time in Sport: 4 years

Total Jumps: 550 +

Occupation: Skydiver